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Barn History

In June of 1992 Dr Briggs ran an ad in the "Wanted Section" of the Times Picayune saying "Give me a building and I will move it".  

He had over 70 people call him; unfortunately, none of the respondents had a building that fit his needs.  The last little house (from the ads) that he went to view was on an abandoned Arabian stallion farm.  The little "Jim Walker" home that the owner wanted to give to Dr Briggs again did not fit his needs; however, behind this little house was a cute 8-horse stable/barn.  

This barn became Dr. Briggs's inspiration for the construction of a 14' X 24' tin roofed building.


Barn Redesign

In November of 1999, the original barn and its annex (which had been added in 1993) were wrapped in durarock and skimmed in stucco to resemble a French outbuilding of the nineteenth century. Dr. Briggs and Mr. Bourgeois then painted a faux brick front on the front of the barn.

Close inspection of the roof line of the barn shows two large speakers.  In 1998 Dr. Briggs found the bell tower system, once used in the Cathedral, and had it brought to Hilltop.  Now each day from 7:00AM to 7:00PM on every hour the angelus plays and the hour is counted in deep rich bell tones.

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