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The extensive grounds and conservatories of North House are offered for tours.  North House is a designated site by the Department Of Louisiana Agri-tourism.

Tours are done by reservation only with a minimum group of 20 and a maximum group of 25.  The tours are led by a Master Gardener thru the various gardens, which have 25+ thousand plants, trees, and flowers.  Visitors will be educated on why plants are planted in certain areas, various methods of irrigation and mulching, design of the gardens, conservative utilization of water, as well as many other topics.  The tours end with a sit down dinner in one of the gardens.  Tours usually last about three hours.  There is a lot of walking so comfortable clothing and shoes are recommended.

These tours are done under the umbrella of The Department Of Louisiana Agri-tourism.

Please call for information: 504-259-5161

LA Agriculture Tourism Site Notice
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