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The first endeavor in May of 1992 was to develop and build a 650 foot (1/10 mile) long driveway located along the northeast property line. 

As soon as the driveway was completed, 35 mature wax myrtles were planted down the right-hand side of the driveway.  Anticipating the water needs of the new trees, a new underground irrigation system was placed along the length of the driveway and aerial sprinkler heads were placed every 20 feet..


One month and 50,000 gallons of water later, every tree along the driveway had turned brown and died.  Dr. Briggs and Mr. Bourgeois learned their first excruciating garden lesson; read the book and plant the trees in the fall.  No more gardening until fall-let's build a barn.

In 1999, 35 mature Leyland cypress trees were dug and placed down the right-hand length of the driveway.  In 2000, an additional 35 mature Leyland Cypress trees were placed along the driveway.

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