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Pond Construction

While working carefully with the topography of the land, which is hilly and rolling, in September of 1992 a large two acre pond was dug.  The pond was admirably placed between the proposed Hilltop house site and the highway that fronted the property.


This was Dr. Briggs's and Mr. Bourgeois's first large water endeavor.  The pond measures approximately 400 feet long by 200 feet wide.  The western end is composed of a 25-foot tall earthen packed dam. The pond water level is maintained by natural rainfall from the surrounding properties.  This project was much more successful than their first project.  

The completed pond was stocked with bass, brim, catfish, and perch.  Stocking the pond was accomplished by driving a large (FISH TANK) truck to the edge of the pond and pumping the little fish directly into the pond.

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