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Doc's Bee Hives

All Beehives come with a complete set of frames.  All beehives are custom built and take from one to two weeks to complete  for delivery or pickup depending on which style is selected and current backlog of orders. Hive construction is made from premium material. We do not use treated material because it may be deadly to bees. However ,we may use treated material on the outside ,so hives will last longer.

Painting is usually done using 3-4 layers of bio friendly paint.

All hives have been built with "patina" in mind, allowing them to look like older structures showing some imperfections and or seeming like repairs have been done.

Each hive takes between 30-40 hours to construct. Therefore, orders may take a couple of weeks.(currently we are at about 2 weeks).

Each hive weighs weighs between 50-60 pounds.

We encourage buyers to pick up their orders. We are loaded in Covington ,La 30 minutes North of New Orleans.The drive is a good reason to leave the house and take a  break! We can deliver within a 75 mile radius of New Orleans for $90 to $120 depending on the model.

We suggest that you place your hives under some type of covering like a tree or shed roof, etc.,for two reasons.

  1 Durning warmer months the bees will not have to work as hard maintaining hive temperature, thus allowing them to stay healthier and to make more honey.

  2 Hives that are covered will look better and last longer.

For more information, contact Doc at 504-259-5161

Every Queen Needs A Beautiful Home
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