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"Once a long time ago in the far away land of Africa , a chance meeting between a northern lady and a southern gentleman  led two people to a great friendship that forever changed their lives.  LeVergne - the northern lady - often tells James - the southern gentleman that "Family may be the accidental crown of your life, but the selected jewels of your life are your friends".  Thus states the dedication plaque to the front of LeVergne's cottage.


In 2008, Dr. Briggs and David Bourgeois, visited Williamsburg, VA and fell in love with the Brush- Everard House (which is located next to the Palace of the Governor).  Construction started in 2008 and was completed in late 2009 of a small replica of this famous house.  LeVergne's cottage was  built [ both inside and outside] to emulate 1770' s construction.  The exterior walls, with their wide wooded clap board facade, steep roof, and dormers, recalls the spirit of the construction during the age of our founding fathers.  The house features 10 foot ceilings, a period fireplace mantel, and large light filled rooms.


The Al Satches parterre garden, to the left of the house ,allow the occupants to walk  and think of that long ago period of gentility.  The parterre garden is composed of evergreen boxwoods,  as was the fashion in Williamsburg in the 1700s.  

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